Poljane grammar school – general programme (focusing on humanities and social sciences), graduating with excellent marks

Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana, BACHELOR OF CULTURAL STUDIES (B. CULT.SC.), graduating with honors

BA Thesis: Image thought Badiou-Vertov: analysis of the Vertov’s film The Man with the Movie Camera through Badiou’s The Century and Nancy’s evidence of film

Formulation of the concept “Image-thought Badiou-Vertov” is based on two theses that are derived from the reading of Alain Badiou’s The Century. Both theses form a distinctive epistemological kernel of the analysis.

The first thesis deals with the so-called »passion towards “the real”, which can be traced in Vertov’s film, »Man with the movie camera«. The second thesis is derived from the first, however focusing on Badiou’s second fundamental concept–so-called »minimal difference«.

In order to develop my theses, my work has also focused on the relationship between film and philosophy.

In my chosen case study, I have demonstrated that Vertov’s film inherits this minimal difference. I demonstrate this by Jean-Luc Nancy’s concept “evidence of film”.

Keywords: Image-thought: Badiou-Vertov, filmosophy, passion towards the real, minimal difference, evidence of film

Phd thesis: Thesis: Status of digital image in global capitalism

Expecting to finish in 2016: ZRC SAZU (The Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts (ZRC SAZU), Graduate academic programmes: The Comparative Study of Ideas and Cultures