Conference Presentations


  • Presentation at the Annual Conference of the APL, co-autorship with Robert Bobnič, in association with Theory, Culture and Society and Alpen-Adria-Universität, at Klagenfurt, Austria, 29 May – 2 June, 2019
  • Autumn Film School, International Colloquium of Film Theory: Slovenian Cinematheque (23.10-25.10.2018): Separation of separation: perpetual quest for image–resistance or separation and reversibility of utopian militant image of 1968
  • Engaging the Contemporary 2017: Issues in Contemporary Political and Social Philosophy (Msida, Malta, 16.11.-17.11.2017): Engaging the Contemporaneity of Global Capitalism: From Biopolitics and Necropolitics to Abandoned Body
  • 45th International Symposium: Social Choreography (Ljubljana, 10.11.2017): Reassembling Social Choreography: racialization, genres of human and the surplus of flesh as habeas viscus
  • 2nd International Colloquium Sovereignty, Migrants and Culture:(ZRC SAZU, Ljubljana, 24.11-25.11.2016): (De)articulation of potentiality: on opening and going beyond to the figure of “becoming the Negro of the world”
  • 6. International Conference on Philosophy and Film: (ZKM Karlsruhe, 2.11. – 6.11.2016): From »Passion towards the Real« to Plastic Image: Spectres of Reality of Neoliberal Global Capitalism
  • International Conference: Confronting Gender and Faith, ICI Berlin (Berlin, 10.12 – 11.12.2015): co–authorship with Jasmina Šepetavc: The Transcendence of the Momentary: Queering Sex, Gender, and Temporality
  • Kingston University London: Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy CRMEP (London, 21.5 – 22.5.2015): Graduate Conference: Philosophy, Power, Potentialities: For a Plastic Potentiality: For a Different Kind of Politics
  • International Colloquium Politics, Aesthetics and Democracy: ZRC SAZU (Ljubljana, 11.5.2015): Abandoned Body as a ‘Collateral Damage’ of Neoliberal Global Capitalism
  • Symposium of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences Ljubljana, Body and Technology (Ljubljana, 17.4. 2015): Dronification of Everyday life and Neoliberalization of Brains
  • Goldsmiths College, London (London, 9.6.2014): Postfordistic Imprisonment of Creativity?

Publications (selection):

Truth, Post-Truth, Non-Truth: New Aestheticized Digital Regime of Truth, co-autorship with Robert Bobnič, ed. Brett Nicholls and Rosemary Overell, A Book Collection: A New Conjuncture: Mediations in a Post-truth Era, Springer / Palgrave Macmillan, p. 79-103

Separation of separation: perpetual quest for image–resistance or separation and reversibility of utopian militant image of 1968, A Book Collection: Slovenian Cinematheque, p. 121-130

Glej, list: Ponavljanje z razliko: od fašizmov do strasti do realnega 2.0:

Decolonial Articulation of Potentiality: On Opening and Going Beyond to the Figure of “Becoming the Negro of the World”. (2017), AM Journal of Art and Media Studies, issue No. 14,, p. 82 – 89

Construction of Neoliberal Femininity in Film Elle. Dialogi (peer-reviewed), issue No. 53, 1-2, (2017), p. 38 – 44,

Get Out and Emancipatory Potential of Popular Culture: Dialogi (peer-reviewed), issue No. 53, 9 (2017), p. 126 – 129

Visualization of Silenced and Excluded Histories: I am not your Negro. Dialogi (peer-reviewed), issue No. 53, 5/6 (2017), p. 93 – 97

Resisting Bodies, Feminism and Capitalism: from Ellen and Rachel to Julie. Ekran[1], 53 (sep-oct. 2016), p. 40 – 42

Timeless Legacy of Andrzej Wajda (1926-2016), Ekran, 53 (nov – dec. 2016), p. 28 – 30

Politika, estetika in demokracija // Politics, esthetics and democracy ; ur. // ed. Marina Gržinić; ZRC SAZU: Zapuščeno telo kot postranska škoda neoliberalnega globalnega kapitalizma // Abandoned Body as a “Collateral Damage” of Neoliberal Global Capitalism;

XIV. ŠUM # 4: Šum #4> Jovita Pristovšek et. al., “On politics, aesthetics and democracy”, page 319-353, december 2015:

Body and technology: Symposium of Cultural Studies, organized by Kult.Co and Faculty of Social Studies, Ljubljana: published text: “Dronification of Everyday life and Neoliberalization of Brains DRONIFIKACIJA VSAKDANJEGA ŽIVLJENJA IN NEOLIBERALIZACIJA MOŽGANOV, str. 106-118, 2015:

KINO! Magazine for cinema and cinematic (scientific publication on film studies, film philosophy, film theory):

Till the End: contemporary TV series and seriality, monograph, published by Slovenian Cinematheque; Film theory, contemporary political philosophy, cultural studies:

Mad Men: Cunning Salesman or Fighters for Subversive Systemic Critique? 2011, p. 245–257

Review on critique of science, imagination and contemporary anthropology

(Serial scientific publication):

3, 2, 1 … Action: Film, Philosophy, Image of Thought, Cinematic Mode of Production, Digital Image and Digital   Mode of Production, ČKZ, 2010, p. 63–71


  • Denied Mounds of Abandoned Bodies of the 21st Century: abandoned body as a standardized historical form of neoliberal global capitalism – master/slave/administration; Tribuna, 4. št / 55 / 760.

Tribuna, October 2014:

  • Administration of Illusion in Cinematic Mode of Production 2011, p. 29

Monograph Škratova Film School 2012: film and new media:

Dispensability of Life in Neoliberal Global Capitalism: the Case of Film and New Media; 2012, p. 69–80

Ekran, Magazine for Film and Television

(Established in 1962 and is by far the most relevant Slovene film magazine of all time and also the one with the longest tradition):

  • “Katin”: Ekran, XLVI/ 2009, p. 59.
  • “Serious Man”; Ekran, p. 24, XLVI/ 2010
  • “The Lovely Bones”; Ekran, p. 59, XLVII/2010
  • “Soul Kitchen”: Ekran, p. 55, XLVII/ 2010
  • “Food, d.d.: Document of a One Civilization”; Ekran, p. 61, XLVII/2010
  • “Enabling Seeing the Unseen: Frygtelig lykkelig”: Ekran, p.. 56–57, XLVII/ 2010
  • “Freedom to: André Téchiné: La fille du RER”, Ekran, XLVII/ 2010, p. 57
  • “Yo, también: Letting to Be”; Ekran, XLVII/ 2010, p. 58.
  • “Nothing Personal”; Ekran, XLVII/ 2010, p.  79.
  • “Ricky: a Contemporary V- effect Fairytale”; Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011 p. 49.
  • “King’s Speech: History as a Nostalgic Scenery and as an Example of Yearning for Another Kind of Subjectivity”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011, p.. 55–56
  • “Half Way to a Better World”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011, p. 55
  • “Adžami: Film Murals of the Living Dead”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011, p. 54–55
  • “Winter’s Bone or being on the Road to truth”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011, p. 76–77
  • “Film as an Emancipatory Statement: a Film Neke druge price”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011, p. 50–51
  • »Irish Route as a Painful Way out from Self-denial”, Ekran, XLVIII/ 2011-2012, p.  74–75
  • “Parade«, Ekran, XLLX/2012, p. 58
  • “Take Shelter: Paradigmatic Example of Projection of Contemporary Social Reality”, Ekran, XLLX/ 2012, p. 60
  • “Salt of Life”; Ekran, XLLX/ 2012, p. 51
  • “Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012, p. 58
  • Haptic Images on Stopping Emergency States: Dardenne’s Timeless Gesture in Their Film The Kid with a Bike”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012, p. 34–36
  • “Iron Sky as a Pseudo Satirical Film Form”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012, p. 50–51
  • “Moonrise Kingdom in the Context of Anderson’s Simulacra”, Ekran XLIX/2012, p. 45–S47:
  • “Soviet Montage Cinema: Monograph – Review”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012, p. 54–57
  • “Prílis mladá noc as a Subtle Example of Film Topology”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012, p. 26
  • “Argo”, Ekran, XLIX/ 2012/2013, p. 76–77
  • “The Master: Who Is Really Mastering Our Fate?”,  Ekran, XLIX/ 2013, p. 72–73
  • “Precise sensibility of Ursula Meier”, Ekran, L/ 2013, p. 78–79
  • “On Another Hannah Arendt”, Ekran, L/ 2013, p. 46–48
  • “Seduction with Film Image”: New Slovenian film, Ekran /2013, p. 17
  • “History without History”: The Spirit of ’45, Ekran / 2013, p. 74–75
  • “Between Emancipation and Fetishization: Blue Is the Warmest Colour”, Ekran, 2014, p. 76–78
  • “12 Years a Slave: Sterile Criticism of Racism”, Ekran / 2014, p. 74–75
  • “American Horror Story as a Return of the Suppressed”, Ekran / 2014, p. 55–57
  • “»Searching for the Picture that has Already Been Gone: L’image manquante”, Ekran / 2014, p. 70–71
  • “TIR: Captured Yearning for a Better Life: Alberto Fasulo: TIR”, Ekran / 2014, p. 76
  • “Between Determinism and Resistance: Dardenne’s Deux jours, une nuit”. Ekran / 2014. p. 10–11
  • “The Springtime Sleep”. Ekran / 2014. p. 38–39
  • “Foster Mom: a Story and Stories About Hope”. Ekran / 2015. p. 37
  • “Eruption of IT Motifs in TV Series: from Repetition to Inovation: the Cases of Silicon Valley and Halt and Catch Fire”. Ekran / 2015. p. 60–61
  • “Im Keller”. Ekran /2015, p. 98
  • Interview with Joshua Oppenheimer: coauthorship with Bojana Bregar and Tina Poglajen. Ekran / 2015, p. 31-35
  • Interview with Elisabeth Bronfen:  coauthorship with Jasmina Šepetavc. Ekran / 2015, p. 12-17

Dialogi (Dialogi is one of Slovenia’s oldest cultural journals):

  • Ex Drummer: “Koen Mortier’s first feature film as an example of representation of systemic objective violence”, Dialogi, 2009, p. 116–120
  • Schrödinger’s Cat as a Possible Solution for Enigmatic New Coen’s Film Serious Man Dialogi, 46, 1/2 (2010), p. 223–228

Radio Student (One of Europe’s oldest and strongest independent and non-commercial urban radio stations. Based in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, established in 1969 by the Student Organisation of the University of Ljubljana, the legendary Radio Student: editor, publicist, journalist, radio presenter, author of more than 130 articles, including sixty thirty minutes long radio shows on film theory, film philosophy, film studies, cultural studies that I personally present. The majority of published articles are theoretical. Some of the more notable articles (radio shows):

Public theoretical lectures:

  • AVA, Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana: Visiting Lecturer, January 2017
  • Trubarjeva hiša literature: a series of talks with well-established Slovenian film artists, critics and theoreticians, co-financed by Ministry of Culture of Republic of Slovenia, 2016
  • Ljubljana City public Library: delivering public lectures on TV studies: 2015-2016
  • Conversation with Bojan Vasić”: Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, Ljubljana, 9.4.2015: “Do you remember revolution?” A film by Loredana Bianconi.
  • “Abandoned Body”: 11.2.2015: Theoretical Collective Živko Skvotec
  • Ljubljana City public Library: delivering public lectures on Film studies: 2014–2015
  • Ljubljana 25th International Film Festival: public lecture on European film, 13.11.2014:
  • Kranj City public Library: “Film classics: Ladri di biciclette, Italian Neorealism and the Problem of Realism and the Status of Reality”, 17.10.2013
  • Ljubljana City public Library, unit Šiška Library: Film and Its Role in Construction of Social Reality, 21.10.2013
  • International Film Festival of Student Film and Video Production FILOFEST 2012, The Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana 11.12.2012: “Death of a Film or Its Revitalization?”
  • Škratova Film School 2012: “Dispensability of Life in Neoliberal Global Capitalism”, Ljubljana City public Library – unit Šiška Library
  • Škratova Film School 2011: “Administration of Illusion in Cinematic and Digital Mode of Production”, Ljubljana City public Library – unit Šiška Library
  • Metelkova, center of alternative culture, Gromka: Film nights Kult.Co: “Subversion of TV Series Mad Men?” 15.3.2012
  • Škratova Film School, Yhd: “Image Thought Badiou-Vertov”, 21.10.2009
  • Info center ŠKUC (one of the leading non-governmental organisations promoting non-profit cultural and artistic activity in Slovenia): “A Look from Behind: Interpretation of Dziga Vertov’s Man with the Movie Camera through Alain Badiou’s The Century”, 22.6.2008

Cooperation with Vizo (non-profit organization, focusing on providing quality film (and other avdiovisual media) contents for children, schools etc.):

  • ”Filmšula (Sežana) ”: Beasts of the Southern Wild, 2014
  • Ljubljana City public Library – unit Jarše Library: Beasts of the Southern Wild, 2013
  • Art Kino Odeon Izola: Zoran, il mio nipote scemo, 2014

Editor of monograph Škratova film school 2010, 2011, 2012:

  • Monograph includes various scientific articles on a given yearly theme that is being addresses at Škratova Film School.
  • Škratova Film School is otherwise a theoretical platform, created with an aim to give young theoreticians a chance to do research on different topics concerning interaction between film/reality/politics and policy


On Plasticity of Film, Its Madness and on a New Civil Contract of Film:

Public Appearances in Media:

  1. Dnevnik (central Slovenian newspaper:
  2. Radio-Television Slovenia (guest on a TV show “Kinoteka”, discussing films of Andrzey Wajda, 6.5.2016:
  3. Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia or RTVS): 17.4.2015:; 37.30 min; presenting the problematic of the use of drones in relation to the neoliberalistic paradigm
  4. Interview for a film documentary, dealing with a representation of women in Slovenian film: “Kaj pa Mojca?” awarded at 17. Slovenian Film Festival:
  5. Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia or RTVS): 1. 2014,; presenting the specifics of the TV medium, focus on “Quality TV”
  6.  Radio-Television Slovenia (RTV Slovenia or RTVS): 8.2013; presenting the problematic of youth culture in global capitalism: a case study of Coppola’s film The Bling Ring

Catalouge Texts

EDEN’S EDGE: 9 SHORTS ON THE CALIFORNIAN DESERT, O.N.L.S.D PRODUCTIONS, 2014:; originally written for International Film Festival, Kino Otok, Isola-Cinema:

In Preparation / Current Projects

  • ACS Crossroads in Cultural Studies Conference postoponed due to COVID-19; presentation of  the paper Critical Thought as a Hyperobject: Hyperobjective Mode of Production of Global Capitalism and the Future of Reality within the panel Critical(ly) of the Future:  Concepts, Methods and Perspectives with dr. Natalija Majsova, dr. Jasmina Šepetavc and Robert Bobnič
  • monograph on the status of digital image in global capitalism